SUBMARINER Publications


cover_compendium_105148The SUBMARINER Compendium provides a comprehensive assessment of the potential for innovative and sustainable uses of Baltic marine resources. Based on the findings of the Compendium, the SUBMARINER Roadmap promotes new initiatives in the field of sustainable and innovative uses of Baltic marine resources.



Cover_SUBMARINER_report_1_2013_105148In the series of SUBMARINER reports, we publish results from the regional SUBMARINER activities and/or background reports to the Compendium.


Perspectives from Cooperation Events

cover_mussel_perspectives105pxThis series summaries the perspectives from the SUBMARINER Cooperation Events (Algae Cooperation Event in September 2011, Blue Biotechnology Cooperation Event in May 2012 and mussel workshop during the Åland Aquaculture Week in October 2012).


Innovative Marine Uses at a Glimpse

bulletin_cover_page_148The 12 page bulletin "Innovative marine uses at a glimpse" gives a short overview on the possible innovative uses of Baltic marine resources that will be assessed in detail in our SUBMARINER compendium which is expected to be published in fall 2012.



The SUBMARINER flyer presents the project's rationale, its activities and partnership. It has been published in all participating countries' national langaues: